Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

We had a really wonderful Father's Day! First of all, we went to Willow for the first time since we've had Ruthlande with us - it was nice to be back! After the service, they had what they called "Dad's Fest" - the Willow parking lot was filled with classic cars, racecars, show cars, construction equipment, fancy motorcycles, big rigs, boats... you name the vehicle and it was there. They even had a real helicopter and a monster truck! The kids (and Daddy too) had a blast checking out all of the cool rides. I really wish we would have brought the camera! Scott put Ruthlande in a front carrier and she seemed really content to be carried around that way the whole time. It worked out perfectly!

In the evening, we made homemade strawberry banana ice cream (yum!) and then we went out in the back yard and played Scott's Father's Day present - a game of lawn darts. We all had lots of fun - even Ruthlande who was just watching from her seat. Whenever someone got a point, we would all cheer and Ruthlande would laugh and clap! It was really cute - it made us cheer louder just to see her reaction!

Hope all of you had a great Father's Day too!

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