Monday, June 18, 2007

Files Stuck in MOI - Part 2

Below is a note from the main Haitian adoption Yahoo group on June 14th. A second woman is now working with officials in Haiti to try encourage the Ministry of Interior to release files. The US Embassy has also stepped in, ordering all files that DO get released to be gone through by them before the children leave the country. They are wanting to record timelines to follow this mess. I'm not sure there is much else they can do. Here is the note for the petition we have signed...

"Several families have been working behind the scences trying to get the impasse with passports and the Office of Political Affairs cleared up.

I have spoken with the Haitian Ambassador to the US, Mr. Ray Joseph many timesover the last several weeks about the problem with passports. He is not happy about the situation and has made many calls without success. Mr. Joseph has also enlisted the Chief Cabinet Minister Mr. Stanley Joseph. All efforts have not worked and it has been decided that parents need to go to the Minister of MOI for help. I have written a letter on the behalf of parents (parents who sign the letter) to the Minister of MOI pleading for help.

I will FedEx the letter on Tuesday the 19th a noon. I will also cc Ambassador Joseph and he will also send the letter to the Minister of MOI (Mr. Paul Bien-Aime) via hisown channels".In reality, only a couple of files have been released since I last posted. It seems that there is no-one who can stop this man from holding our children. "

Please pray urgently for this situation as it seems there is no end in sight for the over 200 families caught in this mess. God is bigger than this. I know that without a doubt.

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