Friday, June 8, 2007


Yep, the whole family ventured out to Denny's for dinner tonight. It actually went very well. Ruthlande was a bit fussy at first, but I asked the waiter to bring us a piece of wheat bread while we waited for the food and that worked like magic! She actually finished the last bite of bread just as the food came. Of course, then she wasn't at all interested in the grilled cheese or applesauce that we got for her (both of which she ate great at the hospital). Funny thing, though - on a whim I gave her a little piece of my hamburger and she loved it! She ate a lot of that!

The rest of the day was somewhat stressful, but we hung in there. For some reason, Ruthlande seemed fussier than usual - she REALLY didn't want me to put her down. And, of course, Jaden and Danielle took full advantage of the fact that I was busy with Ruthlande - they were quite the handful today. Ruthlande took about an hour to go down for her nap. She was SO tired, but just didn't want to give in. Typical one-year-old I guess!

At any rate, when Scott got home, I was ready for a little stress-relieving dinner out with the family, so I was really glad that that's actually what it turned out to be! Plus, Ruthlande went down like an angel at bedtime - didn't make a peep! So, we ended the day on a good note! And tomorrow is another day... :-)

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Momto13 said...

I am so glad that I finally found your blog! R. looks GREAT. The smiles will come soon. I will pray that there is no facial paralysis and that she starts smiling HUGE smiles soon. I love all the pictures and you are doing a great job.
Continued prayers and blessings!
Sarah and Angeline :)