Friday, June 15, 2007

Doctor's Appointments

Ruthlande had two doctor's appointments this week. On Tuesday, we went to see the infectious disease doctor, who mostly just asked me questions on how Ruthlande is doing (has she had any more fevers, etc). She gave us the green-light to take Ruthlande off of the IV medication and to start giving her oral medication (we only have to give her diflucan for one more week to make sure her yeast infection is truly gone). So, the home health care nurse came by for the last time on Wednesday and removed her picc line - yay!!

Then, on Thursday, Ruthlande had an appointment with Dr. Ruge - the neurosurgeon who performed her surgery. He also gave her an all-clear as far as her health is concerned and said that she no longer has any restrictions (such as not being able to be immersed in water for a bath). The stitches are really looking great - she'll have a scar, of course, but it already looks so much better than I imagined it. She's also doing much better at holding her head up - Dr. Ruge said we just need to keep sitting her up on her own (even if she fusses about it) so that she'll continue to get stronger.

So, Ruthlande is doing well! We had a lazy day around the house today, so there's not much else to say, but I thought I would update everyone on the doctor's appointments anyway.

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