Thursday, January 24, 2008

And Found Again

Noah's I600 made it to Haiti!! COTP has gotten a birth parent interview scheduled for Monday, but the flight to PAP is full, so they're trying to see if they can get on the flight somehow. Please pray that they can get on the flight so that they can get to the appointment on Monday.

One step closer...


Julie said...

That is so exciting....I will be praying. It will be a good weekend. Something to look forward to:)

Laurie said...

Nicole that is fantastic news but I just have to laugh that the flights are full. If that is so typical of all things Haiti.

You are so close to having Noah home - CONGRATULATIONS, & I hope they are able to get on that flight.

So so close........ Yipeee!

Laurie adopting Christolla & Nelson

ManyBlessings said...

OH MY WORD!!! This is awesome!!!

Ericka said...

Oh Nicole!!! Great news!!!
The whole plane part cracks me up - just sounds so 'Haiti'!

Momto13 said...