Monday, January 7, 2008

Trials and Tribulations

More bad news I'm afraid. The National Visa Center has not received our I600 approval yet. Of course, everyone I've talked to is trying to tell me that it could take up to four weeks to get to New Hampshire, but you can tell they're just trying to sound positive. Everyone says, "Well, yes, it really should have gotten there by now, but you never know - it could take longer". The woman at NVC that I spoke to told me to call USCIS Chicago. I did, but the officer was not very helpful (not that I expected her to be). She basically told me that there's nothing she can do. They don't have copies of anything from the file and NVC needs the physical file before they can do anything. So, once again, we're stuck.

Please pray that the file will make its way to NVC SOON!!

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ManyBlessings said...

Oh no!!!!

I am honestly going to pray that my miracle happens to you and that your file suddenly shows up in Haiti.

Praying hon.