Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 7

Well, Dr. Ruge came in this morning and told me that they absolutely cannot take spinal fluid from Ruthlande's neck. He said that the risks are just far too great. In his words, "We don't want to send her back to Haiti a quadriplegic." I hadn't realized just how dangerous this type of tap could be, especially for a child with spina bifida.

So, Dr. Ruge said that he wants the doctors to make their best guess at what type of infection they're dealing with and create a treatment from their. They did find some yeast in her last urine culture, so who knows? Perhaps her fever could just be from that. They put her on an anti-fungal in addition to her broad spectrum antibiotics. If the fevers don't go away in the next day or two they'll look at her cultures again and try and figure out what other medicines to add.

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