Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 5

Unfortunately, we got some very bad news today. The infectious disease doctor came by again this morning and said that Ruthlande’s culture grew more bacteria – so many types of bacteria that they don’t know what to treat at this point. They can’t possibly treat them all because some of the medicines would have serious side-effects. They need to find out which of these infections is actually in her spinal fluid in order to properly treat her and they can’t do a spinal tap because of her surgery. The doctor said that she spoke to someone who said that sometimes in adults they can take spinal fluid from the neck with the help of a radiologist. She is supposed to talk to a radiologist to find out if they can do this for Ruthlande. Please be praying that they are able to do the test this way and they will find out exactly what type of infection Ruthlande has so they can treat her. Ruthlande is still doing about the same right now, but if they don’t get the meningitis treated, she will definitely get worse.

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