Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Okay, so I got the document that I needed for my I-600 approval from COTP today. I sent it to our translator and she was able to turn it right around and get it back to me tonight - thank you, Deb Blaz! Tomorrow, I will fax the document to USCIS in Chicago and hopefully they will get working on my I-600 approval!

I'm a bit frustrated because USCIS hasn't returned my recent emails or phone calls. I've been trying to get verification from them that this document is the ONLY thing that is still needed for my approval. The last time I spoke to someone there, she made it sound like I would just need the adoption decree and then I could be approved. I submitted that and thought I was all set. So I was very surprised (and upset) to hear later that they needed the IBESR approval as well. Needless to say, I don't want any surprises this time.

That's about all the update I can give right now. We still have the birth parent interview and the medical exam and then the visa appointment to go. But, we're moving forward and that's what counts.

As far as the birth parent interview goes, Robin told me today that for some reason it's being done a little differently and will be done at the consulate. They're not sure why USCIS requested it this way, but please pray that this is a positive thing and not negative. I should be hearing soon when the appointment is scheduled.

It's real - He's coming home!!!!

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