Monday, July 30, 2007

Lazy Sunday - Day 6

Yesterday was a lazy day around here (for me, at least). Maria said they try to keep activities down to a minimum on Sundays and they don't bring kids over to the guest house. That was fine because I felt like maybe I should spend a little less time with Noah yesterday anyway - he's definitely realizing that I pay special interest in him (even though I try not to too much - but he's always in the group I bring over :-) and I don't want him to suddenly miss me too much when I'm gone. So, I mostly spent the day in the guest house, taking care of Niki and hanging out with him and Daniella.

In the afternoon, the kids were out by the playset, so I brought Niki out with me and we sat and watched them play. All of the kids love to see a baby, so they all crowded around, checking him out. Unfortunately, Noah wasn't out with the other kids. The kids in the Elephant room don't seem to get out quite as much because the nannies need to be with the kids with CP. It's kind of a shame, but I know that Noah will be home soon and it won't matter anymore. Maria did say that sometimes one of the nannies will stay with the CP kids and the others will go out with the kids - just depends on which nannies are here. Later, Noah was outside and I took some video of him playing, but I think he must have escaped because a nanny came our and brought him back inside. The other day, he stood on the gate and played with the lock until he got it open - I see now how some of them escape so often!!

Here are some more observations about the kids:

Chrislande: She is such a sweet, angel-faced girl! She came over while I was holding baby Niki outside and she was so loving and gentle with him. She kept touching his little face. Of course, if one of the other kids tried to touch him, she would push their hand away and say, "No!" She wanted him all to herself!

Pierre: He is so cute and affectionate! He was giving Micah all these kisses and hugs. Of course, Micah was fussing about it, so he could have been doing it to make him mad, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt! :-) He actually did seem to be doing it nicely and not in a "pestering" way.


Lori said...

Thanks for the observation of Chrislande--always looking to hear how she is doing while we are going thru the process. Do you know if she got the picture book that we sent down about our family?

Nicole said...

Chrislande's book hasn't come yet, Lori, but I'm sure it's in transit. (Things take awhile to get here). I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Chrislande - she really is a sweetie! I know that I always look for any little tidbits of information that I can get about Noah!

Ericka said...

Hi Nicole,
It's so weird that you are there, in Haiti.
I'm so glad you are having a good time with your little Noah. He is such a DOLL, so cute and sweet.
When you fly back to the states?
I've been reading your blog everyday!
When you get home, can you call me and tell me all about Ruthlande, her home, mom, etc. I think it will put me at peace :)
Love and hugs for a safe and uneventful trip.
How's the food??????